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Audit and Diagnosis in industrial plants

Audit and Diagnosis in industrial plants

Before you can make a decision to manage energy consumption in an industrial plant you need to understand how energy flow is inside the building and industrial process.

The diagram on the left side shows you what happens in your company, how energy is consumed in your factory and last not least how money is spent. For analytical analysis you can get the energy cost for every consuming subject or department.

Our experts assist and help you to do the good choice, to optimize energy consomption and reduce energy costs:

  • when you have to choose new equipement in case of modification or modernisation
  • when your working stuff is suffering from comfort problems (ventilation, heat, cold …)
  • when you want introduce renewable energies in an industrial plant
  • when your want to produce electricty by your own by cogeneration

But energy management is also

  • To respect hygiene and security laws in ventilation of working areas and minimizing energy consumption (e.g. recycling of air, recovery of energy)
  • The prevision of energy costs depending on energy prices and industrial production