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B4E participe au WFES

B4E participe au WFES

B4E has contributed to WFES (World Future Energy Summit) 2012 in Abu Dhabi, 16 – 19 january 2012 .

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Round table session – Abstract

Energy for All: Local Choices, Local Resources

For municipalities of French suburbs, like the city of Paris – La Courneuve fuel poverty of local households has become a major problem: on one side, municipality has to invest to reduce energy CO2 emissions and on the other side, an important part of the inhabitants’ income is near the poverty line.

Since the 1980th, most of social housings are connected to Local District Heating that combine geothermal energy, block heating, and heat pumps. Recently renovated, and with a new supervisory system installed, the local district heating system shows high energy performance using nearly 50% of renewable energy.  The LDH, is now extended to private buildings.

In spite of the poor thermal performance of buildings, energy bills for heating low income households are below the usual amounts in France. The actual economical crisis and high energy prices make situation critical, number of fuel poor people increases.

New sober technology issues have no more a classic economical success.  Municipality of La Courneuve city is looking for political choice issues and has decided a new technical and popular project involving all actors in order to reduce fuel poverty.

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